How it works

Proofreading and Language Editing:

  1. Contact or email us at as soon as you realise your text needs language editing or proofreading. Please mention:

    • Type of service (proofreading/language editing).

    • Type of document (dissertation, paper, essay...).

    • Academic field.

    • Deadline (please keep in mind that the deadline should allow you enough time to approve any proposed corrections).

    • Approximate length.

    • When you plan to submit your document for editing or proofreading.

    • Format (British or American English).

    • If you are sending a paper, the journal you plan to submit to.

    In this way, we schedule your request and give you a first rough approximation of cost. To get a more accurate estimate, we may ask you to send a short sample of the document (about 400 words). We aim to respond to any request as soon as possible.

  2. When your work is ready, rename your file as follow: FirstName_Surname_Today'sDate in the format DDMMYYYY (for instance, if your name is John Smith and today's date is the 1st of January 2018, the name of your document would be 'John_Smith_01012018'. If you send more than one file on the same day, please name your second document as follow: 'John_Smith_01012018_2', the third 'John-Smith-01012018-3' and so on.)

  3. Send your file to or share it on Google Drive. If you are working in LaTex, send us or share the .tex file. At this point, please remember to inform us of any changes to the project.

  4. We carry out a word count in Microsoft Word and multiply the indicated number by the rate.

    We send you the price quotation, confirming the deadline and method of editing (which depends on the document type. We will use the 'track changes' function of Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, or a LaTex collaboration platform).

    You need to send us a written confirmation that you agree on the price. Please note that we start working on your project only once we receive your confirmation. Any delay at this point may affect the deadline previously agreed.

  5. We send you back two files: one with the tracked changes and comments (named ‘yourfilename-changes’), one with the edited final version (named ‘yourfilename-clean’). At this point, we send you the invoice.

    Please keep in mind that you decide whether to approve or reject our corrections - you keep full control over the final document.

  6. And finally, let us know if you’d like to organize a free consultation session to ask questions, get a detailed feedback and more tips.

    Note: We allow up to one hour per session, which can be carried out over the phone, video chat or face to face depending on your location and preference.

Please read carefully our terms of use and payment

Author Editing and Writing Services

  1. Contact or email us at and include the following details:

    a. Type of service (author editing, scientific writing, lay summary or marketing content creation).

    b. A brief description of your project.

    c. Deadline or the approximate length/duration of the project.

    d. Format (British or American English).

    e. Selected publication or media outlet.

  2. When the details of our collaboration are finalised, we send you a contract, which includes the cost estimate, timeline, details of the project, and terms and conditions.

    If you agree to the contract, you need to sign it and email it back. Please note that we start working on your project only once we agree on all the details and the contract is signed. Any delay at this point may affect the deadline previously agreed.

  3. You receive the content and the invoice.

Please read carefully our terms of use and payment