Language Editing

English language editing

For content that stands out

Language issues in your paper? Not sure your thesis is error-free? You are not alone, everyone needs a second pair of eyes to polish a text.

I can help by reviewing your document for:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Foreign language interference
  • Language errors
Language Editing

I improve any kind of written work for publication or grading, including:

  • Academic manuscripts
  • Grant applications
  • PhD dissertations *
  • Theses *
  • Letters
  • Academic books
  • Calls for papers
  • Posters

* Please find here our policy on thesis editing and proofreading.

Scientific Editing

Scientific editing

Publish without the hassle

A compelling writing style and clear reporting have a huge impact on the peer-review process. The scientific editing service improves the quality of the content to increase your chances of publication while reducing the review time.

I work with you to prepare your manuscript for submissionby following the guidelines of the journal of your choice. Besides language editing, I will:

Scientific Editing
  • rephrase sentences that sound unnatural
  • enhance clarity, readability, and efficiency of the language
  • improve consistency and logical flow of the content
  • ensure all information in the text, tables, and figures is correct and complete
  • point out referencing inconsistencies

Free consultation

When reviewing your work, I give you suggestions on how to refine your argumentation and reporting. I am also happy to organize a free consultation session to answer any questions and give you more tips.

Important note: Unless you clearly ask, I do not contribute to the intellectual content of the work or to the interpretation of data. Thus, I am not accountable for any aspects of the work.

Lay Summaries

Lay summaries

Showcase your discoveries

Your publications are the key to starting a discussion with your peers, so why not disseminate your discoveries to a larger audience?

I would be happy to write in English or Italian a lay summary of your work. You can share it and everyone will get to know what you do and how important your research is!

I can also share your findings with editando's Twitter and Facebook communities to expand the reach of your research.

Note: Lay summaries are free of charge if you submit your work to editando for writing or proofreading and editing.

Lay Summaries
Content Marketing

Content marketing

Research under the spotlight

For businesses, research institutes and universities:

editando provides a variety of content marketing in English or Italian, including:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Interviews
  • Case studies

Our service is geared towards topics of scientific and medical research, academic publishing, research management, and research evaluation.

Content Marketing