Policy on Thesis Editing and Proofreading

If you are a student and you’d like to submit your work for proofreading or language editing, you should read carefully the following regulations for proofreading and editing of doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s theses before submission.

  1. It is your responsibility to:

    • check if your University approves proofreading or editing of theses.

    • discuss with your supervisor(s) whether proofreading or editing is acceptable and appropriate.

    • pass on relevant departmental style guidance to us.

  2. editando will strictly follow your University guidance on proofreading and editing of theses.

  3. If your University has not published any guidelines on proofreading and editing, here is an explanation of what our work will and will not entail:

    • We will take great care not to alter meaning or content of your piece of work.

    • We will not make final decisions on any changes. We will only use 'Track Changes' and 'Comments' functions to suggest changes to your text.

    • You have the final responsibility for the work submitted.

    • We will never: rewrite sections, improve logic when faulty, significantly rearrange paragraphs, correct data.

    • If we notice factual or calculation errors, we may advise you to check them with your supervisor.

    • We will proofread and edit your work at completion stage only.

    • Our interventions will be limited to correcting: typing, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; errors in grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and expressions; inconsistencies in layout and formatting. If you ask for language editing services, we will give you tips on how to improve the clarity and readability of your text.

    • If we notice that your bibliography is set out inaccurately or the referencing is consistently incorrect, we will advise you on how to amend it.

    • You should mention our support in the acknowledgements of your thesis.

  4. Please always read carefully our general terms of use before submitting your work.